River to Nowhere Released 2018

River to Nowhere cover

The Lizardz were pleased as punch and happy as hell to announce the release of our second album, "River to Nowhere". The second release on the Zard-o-Fone Record label, this CD is an homage to growing up, living, working, loving and losing in middle America in the 21st Century. Recorded and mixed over two years, "River to Nowhere" is 100% Lizardz - no guests this time, just the five of us in studios across central Wisconsin pouring out some music from the soul. Listeners will discover midwestern roots all over the album mixed in with influences of the music we all were weaned on - Pink Floyd, Cars, Supertramp, Big Star and more.

Now available HERE from CD Baby, Radio Kaos Records in Stevens Point, and soon from a record store near you!

Or, just come to a show and buy direct!

Ottotoon:Quantum Mechanic

Ottotoon CD

Hey, fans, super excited here in Lizard land to announce the release of Lizard keyboardist Mark Larson's solo album. Ottotoon: Quantum Mechanic is an eleven track collection of solo synth and piano tracks gathered over a several year period. The songs are thoroughly electronica - most tracks feature the Moog Voyager or DSI Evolver analog synths with pads and pianos provided by the mighty Kurzweil and Roland workstations.

You'll hear influences from Medeski, Martin & Wood, Tangerine Dream, Soft Machine, Erik Satie, and more. Mastered by Lizardz bass player Jamie Bruhn at Choat Farm North Studios, this is another proud release of Zard-o-Fone Records and its affliated partners in central Wisconsin.

Available from the band, CD Baby, iTunes, and all streaming platforms.Physical Music Rocks!

Cloud Over Jupiter


5th Mass From the Sun is the debut album by Cloud Over Jupiter, a studio extravaganza anchored by Jerry and Michele King and Bill Jungwirth, and features a cast of a dozen local and international backing musicians and studio pros. Cloud Over Jupiter, the brainchild of mastermind Jerry King, is the result of two years of recording and building up layers and textures of prog rock insanity into an outer space journey not to be missed.

In addition to the core three musicians, the album is rounded out with appearances by central Wisconsin musicians Ginger Marten on violin, Pam Ross on flute, Jamie Bruhn on bass, Mark Larson (yours truly) on synthesizer, Travis Plantico on drums, Mark Carlson on harmonica and Mike Kinney on Insan-o-phone. The album also features musical luminaries Richie Castellano of Blue Oyster Cult and Morning Starlett and Pete Prown, editor of Vintage Guitar Magazine on guitars. Ric Parnell of Atomic Rooster and Spinal Tap, and Pete Thompson of Robin Trower and Robert Plant fame provide drum tracks. Henry Howard, bass player and custom stringed instrument manufacterer at Guitarwerks adds his talents to the mix as well.

The album was mixed at NRC Studios, LaCrosse, Wisconsin by Chad Wardwell.

The album is available on CD and download (mp3, mp3 320 and FLAC) on CD Baby!


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Monday, December 10 "On Point" On-Air Radio Interview/Performance
WWSP 89.9 Stevens Point
Listen to it all on SoundCloud!


It's here. Recorded in Rapids, mastered at Abbey Road, Buck Dharma and Richie Castellano of Blue Oyster Cult on three tracks. It's musical bliss. Come out to our summer and fall shows and get your albums right from the source. Available at records throughout Wisconsin. Also available on CD Baby. iTunes and Spotify.

Eyeblinder Fan Reviews

"I'm really enjoying the album, well done."
THE Rob Reich

"The CD is very good, I enjoy listening to it. Keep on rocking!"
Paolo(TheVigil) from Italy

2013-10-24 (includes bits of KGP Conspiracy review) "Now, I get to headphone listen to 'em. My word!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are such a treat. Such a contrast between bands. And that's what impresses me. You're so pro-talented. The KGB...well reminds of the cross between The Byrds/Roger McGuinn and Tom Petty. Ummmmm... except 'Head Lock ‘and 'What Lies Ahead'...ballbusters. And I think 'What Lies Ahead' is my fav. Warren Zevon would love the lyrics to KGB's stuff! Eyeblinder is a powder keg. I like the vocals of that Jeff Gauss guy. All of it has such twists. Just like you advertisement says, 'genre-bending’! I now finally have 'Make It Happen' and 'Myrtle' and 'California'(not on the vinyl)! 'Let It Go' is on the vinyl (not on CD). Believe me when I say that it reminds me of BOC is not an insult. The Lizardz complement them. Thank you Jeff for these two journeys! I'm proud of you and proud for you! This stuff rocks me".
THE Warren Hewetson

Makis in Greece THE LIZARDZ "Eyeblinder" VINYL 2013 VIDEO

"We got the music on Friday. Ken was confused and kept reading before he saw your name. He then headed to his man cave to listen to vinyl. I got the fireplace and "the chair" and listened to the CD. WOW! Annie was here for the weekend and was in shock. She had a few listens before she left. She felt very proud and amazed by the talent of your band. Thanks so much. I will be sharing your talent with friends (well, not many) and neighbors."
Debra Wood • Hudson, WI

You guys should be very proud of the record, great stuff!
THE Dave Schrader * Appleton, WI

"Thanks so much for mailing that record! It sounds fantastic - you can really hear the quality of the mix and master. I was picking out your particular guitar in the mix. Thanks also for the autographs."
Z-man at TRconnection Forums Colorado

"I got my copy of Eyeblinder, and my wife and I really jammed on it yesterday! 'Newcastle' sounds like it would have fit well on BOC's Tyranny and Mutation, and we especially liked 'Rough Mama', 'Utah Moon' and the title track, and what a splendid surprise to hear a cover of the Weavils' 'Make It Happen'! My wife can be very critical, and she really liked the album. A great effort, and it was fun to be part of the process. Thanks for the band autographs, and it doesn't suck to see my name in the credits!" Part 2 "Man, that's smoother than vintage scotch! Very cool to hear that like that, Buck really can make that axe sing! Still diggin' the new tunes, my friend. Thanks for making my life a bit more enjoyable!"
Edosaurus at J&A/BOC Forums

"I just got home to find a copy of the CD "EYEBLINDER" in the mail today. Thanks for that. I've only made through the first three tracks so far and I have to say, I'm very impressed. Newcastle has a polished 60's groove to it and the guitar work is stellar. Utah Moon (as I told Mark in an email) sounds as good as any Eagles hit. I wish you guys the best of luck with this recording, the production values and song writing are top notch. I'll listen to the rest of the disk tonight. Very approachable stuff, I hope you get some airplay."
specialEd at TRconnection Forums

"Hey - I have received my copy of the new Lizardz album over in the UK. I have played it maybe half a dozen times and I am really enjoying it. Some great songs and great playing throughout. I am enjoying the variation in style and a number of songs are definitely sticking on repeat on the juke box in my head!! The opener rocks like a rocky thing and it doesn't let up from there on in. Good work guys. Really good work. If you haven't checked it out you really should. And all of this with my name on the cover along side Albert and others...It is a great album. I agree that Richie's solo is epic. He is such a great musician. Lots of BOC musical references across the album - to my ears - inevitable I guess and certainly not a criticism. I really like Mormon Girls but am also enjoying Swamp Thing, Two Bit Napoleon, BFM and, of course, Newcastle. In fact I love just about all of it."
FenderControl at J&A/BOC Forums

"Yep, that opening tune rocks like a muthah. Please tell me that's your live set opener? Take no prisoners! Tune 2 gets a nice J Geils groove going, and it all rolls on nicely from there. RE: Buck - that man has more texture than (insert superlative here) ! nice work, guys!!"
LD at J&A/BOC Forums *

BREAKOUT MAGAZINE from Germany reviews "Eyeblinder"

January/February CD Review (translated from German):

"More than two decades have passed from the first steps in the late 80s, including some lineup changes until now’s release "Eyeblinder". But here we are, and The Lizardz present their debut "Eyeblinder" which is released as cd and vinyl also. Attention please: This isn’t the Southern group Lizard from Germany or the US band The Lizards. If you have a look on The Lizardz’s homepage they declare their style with many influences from The Kinks, The Who, Grateful Dead, Tom Petty or The Allman Brothers Band. This is true, and so we find on "Eyeblinder" a colorful musical journey with stops in different areas. If you listen to the album the first time this might be a little bit confusing, but the more often you listen to it, you get a great view into the Lizardz’s sound cosmos. By the way: the record was mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. There are some musical guests performing for The Lizardz: Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and Richie Castellano from Blue Öyster Cult, and Buck co-produced two tracks also. All in all "Eyeblinder" is a fine debut with a lot to discover." - Breakout Magazine, February 2014 issue

March/April Vinyl Review (translated from German):

"Wow, wow and again wow: an unknown band with an independent record company, but the vinyl is 180 grams. Amazing. Remember: the cd was reviewed the last issue (imports), but this high quality pressing vinyl makes it much more fun, as you you can hear now everything in the versatile Lizardz style. The groove factor is awesome, just listen to the bass. There is so much you don’t hear on the cd. Vinyl quality is perfect, no scratches between the songs and a clean middle hole. All in all the best example of how lps have to be. So I only miss one thing to be in vinyl heaven: an antistatic inner sleeve, but I don’t want to claim such a high standard because everybody who is into vinyl owns such sleeves. "Newcastle" and "Utah Moon" – such a warm sound that you have to get on analog feeling. Thanks a lot for this great musical feeling." - Breakout Magazine March 2014 issue


German-to-English Bing Translation from BREAKOUT MAGAZINE

"On the force of the Lizardz I stumbled through Facebook, and talked about her CD in the last issue on the import side. In this issue you will find a Vinylreview. The Lizardz from the United States are a tip for all those who are on various rock sounds. So, it's time to offer a platform for the boys in this country. Woofer Jamie Bruhn answers the questions: A look at the band's history shows that the Lizardz are active already since the end of the eighties. Why did it take so long to your debut "Eyeblinder"? "Originally we started as a local cover band. To do so one must know that we live in an area with industrial and agricultural economy. And the pub density is high, with many performance opportunities. You however to enforce, to get the chance for gigs, to earn some money, you have to play just said covers. In the course of time, the constellation, which was made possible, then found himself to concentrate on their own material. It was important to present a step now, to distinguish us from the other acts from our area. This included also, to integrate different styles, to attract a wide range of rock fans." The two Blue Öyster Cult members Donald "Buck Dharma" ROESER and Richie Castellano are to find "Eyeblinder" as a guest. How's it happened? "Our lead guitarist Jeff Gauss and I have buck Dharma many BÖC concerts hit, as well as more frequently communicates with him through his Web site. He has been has always been a big influence from us, musically as well as his person here. When we recorded 'Newcastle', we came to offer the guitar solo of Richie Castellano, who at the time with the production of his album ' morning Starlett' is involved. He agreed and played his part in New York. Buck had originally nothing to do with our plate, until we met him after a Blue Öyster Cult-gig. I asked him whether he had interest because to get involved somehow. Buck said that if we could make a few tracks come to him. After BÖC had finished their show for the 40th anniversary of the band, Buck had the time to play some guitar parts for 'Back From Milwaukee', and because he liked the title, he offered to produce and mix the pieces. The Lizardz flew then to London at the Abbey Road Studios, where some of the things to be mastered; and buck wanted to do something in the title track 'Eyeblinder'. So mixed and co-produced it. Both things, where he is brought up, sound class, and for all of us, it was a great experience, to be able to work with such a great and legendary musician." When I listen to your album, I discover it very different styles. How would you describe the sound of the Lizardz because? "The Lizardz are a rock band first, though of course all band members musical influences bring a very different, especially since we grew up in different areas of the United States. In a field but there are a common basis for all: musical we follow the traces of great songwriters like Todd Rundgren, the Beatles, Badfinger, Steely Dan, the who, the radiator, the Hushdrops, Roger Waters, and of course Blue Öyster Cult. They are all able to combine different sounds, resulting in repeated differences in the individual plates. And we want to implement it with the Lizardz and to fuse different styles to some private, all backed by good songwriting." What definitely succeeded in the Lizardz on "Eyeblinder". Now, a start is made with the plate. It is currently writing new stuff for a further disc. To have all the Lizardz members still supporting projects are integrated with other things and more. In this issue, a meeting of KGP conspiracy, a project in which two the Lizardz people involved can be found also."

-Marco Magan


Test Pressings arrive from United in Nashville, September 2014

Here's a few pics from London for ya!

Alex at the mastering board at Abbey Road

Alex and unexpected guest Danny Miranda, former BOC bassist, in London with Meatloaf

EMI Mastering board, Abbey Road Studios

Guess where Mark is?

The Lizardz' EYEBLINDER CD's are SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone...

Eyeblinder Vinyl still in stock!

We are pleased and humbled by the response and support of "Eyeblinder", our first album on Zard-o-Fone Records, and the debut of all original tunes by the Lizardz and friends! We are busy stocking vinyl for your listening pleasure, and have mechandise available at the shows.

We are being featured on and are really excited to be offering our music at C Note Music in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Inner Sleeve in Wausau, WI (Thanks, Mike!), Deaf Ear in LaCrosse, WI, Strictly Discs in Madison, WI, (Thanks Angie!) RadioKAOS in Stevens Point, WI and Mad City Music Exchange in Madison, WI. Also available at The Exclusive Company in Appleton, Oshkosh, Green Bay, and Janesville, WI, Heid Music in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, Deaf Ear Records in LaCrosse, WI, Go Johnny Go Records in White Bear Lake, MN Revival Records in Eau Claire, WI (Thanks Billy!), and The Vinyl Cave in Superior, WI (Thanks Toms!) Whew.

NOW also available on iTunes and, so start downloading today!

Check out the project here:



Gallery Archive Pics!








Photos by Mark Larson


2Divano's in Minoqua photo by Wendy

Blue Mark photo by Phil/Digital Illusionz

Da Boyz at Anchor Bay photo by Wendy

Da Boyz at Jennings photo by Wendy

Jamie at Anchoy Bay photo by Wendy

Les photo by Wendy

Weavil and Les Photo by Jamie

Mark Jammin' Out photo by ?

Digital IlluZions Gallery

Thank you Phil!









All Photos by Phil at DigitalIllusionz


In Memorium


Rick Bailey

As a band, we've been together for over 25 years, and we've gone through pretty much everything together - births, deaths, breakups and reunions,
good times and tough times, times of peace and times of war. Times of happiness, times of great sorrow.

It is with great sorrow that we say good bye to a cherished friend and fellow musician, Rick Bailey. Rick, Milo and I along with a hoard of musicians played together in Rick's basement in the 70's and Rick was truly one of the ORIGINAL LIzardz, playing in the very first iteration of the band at legendary blues club McNasty's. It was Rick and "Mumsy's Basement" that fostered a large and diverse group of musicians that not only did the "high school band thing", but have continued playing decades after our lives first became entwined in music.

Rick toured with Milo in the Uncle Ozzie Orchestra, a huge polka act in the 70"s and played in countless local bands throughout his life. He was an avid collector and bicycle enthusiast, and prided himself on his mechanical abilities and and eye for finding the precious in everyday objects.

Rick also lost a decades long battle with alcoholism that ultimately cost him his life. Words cannot express the frustration that we feel when we can only helplessly stand by as this substance takes hold of our friends and systematically destroys bodies and minds and lives. Rick had so much to give, and his premature death should give us pause and to live our lives to the fullest.

Be careful, my friends.


Downhome Amish Ingenuity!


photo by Mark Larson 2012


CD Update!

It's mid-July and summer has been sizzling so far - both with record high temperatures and with studio activity! We are targeting our CD release for December 21, all things being ideal. Just in time for the end of the world and pre-emptive Christmas 2012. We have 99% of all tracks recorded and are busily mixing the songs - doing all the mundane stuff most listeners will be blissfully unaware of, like EQ-ing tracks, reverbs, panning, tweaking levels, and trying to make every note perfect. I think you all will be pleased. The songs are powerful, bounce all around the genre list (like a chameleon!), and showcases the best of all of us. BTW - if anyone wants to suggest album titles, send us an email! We are tossing around lots of ideas and haven't settled on anything yet. For true music fans, we are also going to be offering the album on 180 gram vinyl. That's right - dust off your turntables, cuz we are going all analog in your face! Contact us right away to donate to our vinyl fund. Seriously - this shit's expensive....

And yes, we have Lizard Swag to offer!


Lovely Lizard T-shirts from M-XXL. $12.00. Cheap. Shirts made in Nicaragua and printed in Youngstown, Ohio.
Contact us if you'd like to purchase one through the mail, and we'll be glad to hook you up.


Blue Oyster Cult Rock with the Lizardz!

So gang, it was an unreal good time the other night when we were privileged to attend the recent BOC concert with Kansas in Baraboo, WI as guests of the band! Buck, Eric, Ritchie, Kasim, and Jules were the best. Thanks for the opportunity to hang with you guys and comiserate and conspire for some truly exciting future Lizard developments. Ritchie and Buck - your support of the band is humbling and inspiring. We'll make ya proud!

The Midwest BOC gang was there as well, and a special thanks to Redcap, Wings and Robin and the rest. Here's a few pics for y'all:


Buck and Eric tearing it up. Likewise with Richie!


Eric Bloom - still badass after all these years! Eric, Buck and Jules


The esteemed Kasim Sultan on bass! Buck. Freaking. Dharma.


Lizardz with Richie. Lizardz with Buck and Richie.


LIzardz with Eric! Lizardz with Kasim.


Lizardz with Woody, sound engineer extraordinaire... Eric in a candid moment.



The band with Badfinger legend Joey Molland before a recent show
in at The Filmor nightclub in Wausau, WI with Rembrandt's guitarist Phil Solem. Lots of stories of Apple Record days, hobnobbing with British rock royalty, and songwriting gems. Closed down the Intermission with these guys!


A Minocqua Prayer

God bless Minocqua
God bless Shitty
God bless Moses, Tom, Gina, Sarah, and the rest of the Crew
God bless Anna and Roman at the Arbor Vitae Motel
God bless the fans
God bless tatoos
God bless beef
God bless Metal Boy and Hippie Girl
God bless that we all survived
God bless the Highway Ghost



2011 Harley-Davidson Rally Show

Wow. Sitting onstage gazing out on 3500 people, over 2000 gorgeous bikes, beautiful weather and playing with with our good friend and former Lizard Bill Rodencal was a surreal experience and an awesome way to cap off the summer of 2011. The Harley-Davidson Museum's annual Labor Day Custom Bike Show is one of the museum's biggest and premiere events of the year. We were honored to be invited by the museum to provide entertainment for this great event. I gotta confess that there were SO MANY jaw dropping bikes at this show, that I only snapped a precious few examples of kick ass American Metal. A big thanks to opening act 3rd Avenue, Dan Birkholz and his fabulous sound crew, and all the staff at Harley-Davidson that made us welcome. And, of course, our great friend and eternal Lizard, Bill Rodencal for making this all possible. Yes, Bill, it's just like riding a bike! Enjoy the snaps!












Check out our new vids!

Last Practice
Breakdown (an Epic Adventure)

(you'll need QuickTime Player for these...)




Milo, Sushi Virgin photo by Jamie

Gazette Archives

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