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Travis was born a poor white child on the outskirts of an industrial mill town called Wisconsin Rapids.  While growing up with his parents and 3 other siblings in a 2 room shack with a dirt floor, he knew he was destined to lead a musical life.  It was in his genes.  His father, Dennis was an established local star - country singer and guitar picker on the local scene back in the 70’s and beyond.  So the influence was there of course.  Trav’s chosen weapon of choice was the drums.  His parents scraped up enough money to get his first real drum kit at the age of 7.  After long, hot days of picking green beans and digging ditches, Travis would head straight for his drums and hone his craft.  No playin around with gi-joes and hot wheels for this cat!  As time went by, his talents were noticed by others.  He progressed his way though the band programs playing the snare drum in elementary school, junior high and high school, moving up to a full drumkit in the junior high and high school jazz bands.  His journey beyond high school took him through several local bands including Whiskey River, The Austin Healey Band, Wheels of Fire, KGP Conspiracy and of course, The Lizardz.  During this time, he also discovered that he could sing and actually not suck at it to bad.  But it is with KGP and The Lizardz where his creativity took flight.  Longtime musical buddy and fellow rhythm section amigo, bass player and songwriter Michael Kinney(Austin Healey, Wheels of Fire, KGP Conspiracy) was, and is a key influence on Travis in respect to musical creativity and songwriting.  I think Trav also picked up quite a bit of Mike’s perverse humor as well along the way!hehe   Armed with his own personal recording studio and access to The Lizardz studio, Trav has and is enjoying writing, recording and collaborating new music with both bands.  A lot of original music is due to be released very soon!  Travis and The Lizardz are a perfect match.  Both have the same tastes, goals and visions.  Being half of one of the scene’s very best rhythm sections(Jamie rocks!), he is very happy and totally phsyced to be a Lizard!

Trav’s Loves:


Listening to vinyl & hi rez music

The Who, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Clapton, STP, Soundgarden, Raconteurs

Musky Fishin


Trav’s Hates:


Hip Hop



Chicks with dicks


Trav’s Gear:

Noble & Cooley Drums

Yamaha Drums

Pork Pie Drums

Zildjian cymbals

Sabian cymbals

Gibralter hardware

Vic Firth Drumsticks

Attack Drumheads

Evans Drumheads