I'm Milo and I'm proud to be known as a Lizard. I'm the rhythm guitar player for the band. I also am the recording engineer for much of the recording we do in the studio. My day job is a computer teacher and IT manager for the local Catholic parochial schools. I've also been a computer technician, salesman, and electronics engineer. I've been playing music since I was an embryo, I think. From high school bands to touring with Uncle Ozzie (not that Ozzie...) and playing with Frankie Yankovic during their heyday as polka kings of the midwest. I have had the time of my life these past 12 years as a Lizard, and look forward to many more blissful years crankin' out Lizard hits for all of you. I currently play a Takaminie acoustic guitar, a couple of Jay Terser Gibson clones (inexpensive yet mischievious) and a Peavey Bluesman amp. I also am the proud owner of a vintage Fender Electric XII twelve string. Yep, it's a beauty. My favorite recording mike is a Russian condenser mic that mimics a Neuman-style mic. Strange but true. The Beatles and Badfinger are my heroes, but lately I've been a big Todd Rundgren freak too. If it's been awhile, check out some early Todd with the Nazz or some mid-70's Utopia from a good dose of classic prog rock. The Lizardz rule!