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Please note: We have limited downloads right now so that we may better market the songs on the CD and vinyl releases. We'll get some odd tracks up soon that complement the release. If you are a venue owner, agent, or promoter and would like to hear more, just drop us a line and we can provide you with a link to our material.

So check out the album, and check back here for some bonus tracks!

MORMON GIRLS - A special remix of "Mormon Girls" Recently unearthed from a private collection of "Grand Ol' Oprey" and "Wisconsin School of the Air" radio broadcasts, this mono track was recently restored from an early 1933 celluloid pressing. Originally on the Gullible Label, out of Memphis, Tennessee.

"Much fun!" - Jeff
"Good gravy! Sounds like something found in an old collection. Nice twist!" - Redcap!
"Ye Olde Tyme Radio Showe! Thanks, that was fun." - LD

TWO - BIT NAPOLEON - First released as a Kickstarter bonus track, Two -Bit Napoleon is a tale of lost childhood, by politicians and outsiders. One of two that we mastered at Abbey Road before sending the rest over to get the creamy analog treatment of that scrumptious EMI analog mastering board!

Mark's been doing a bunch of solo tracks recently and since he (I) am the webmaster of this little website, let me take this opportunity to share some synth heavy electronica tracks from my studio!


Groove Salad (Mark Larson)

FunktUp (Mark Larson)

Klaatu Barata Niktu (Mark Larson)

Downer's Grove (Mark Larson)

Into the Ether (Mark Larson)

Soporiffic (Mark Larson)

Synth Soup (Mark Larson)