Originally from Minneapolis, Jamie joined The Lizardz in 2008 as their bass player. Jamie also shares a fair portion of the lead vocals in the band. His role has since evolved into an occasional guitarist when the songs dictate, but his focus remains on the bass. Jamie's musical experience over the past 25+ years has allowed him to fit comfortably within the group. His background includes jazz, R&B, hard rock and pop music. He has played and toured with a variety of musicians and bands over the years in Jamaica as well as musical tours in the western and southern United States, bringing many of these influences to The Lizardz. His true musical love is songwriting, recording and production. In 2011 Jamie recorded, performed and co-produced an album with the group Del Pez. He recently finished recording The Lizardz debut CD and LP "Eyeblinder" with the band and Blue Oyster Cult legend Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser, one of his musical heroes. He then had the pleasure of visiting the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London with Lizardz Keyboardist Mark Larson to have the album mastered. He is currently writing, recording and producing an album with The Dukes of 1987 as well as a solo album. You can drop him a line at martinezvanburen@yahoo.com or find him on Facebook.